Meeting Date: 11/02/2022  
Approval of proposed Redistricting Plan A for City Commission Districts
Submitted For: Jon Branson, Submitted By: Jon Branson, Management Services
Department: Management Services

Consideration and approval of Redistricting Plan A.
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
As a result of the 2020 Census and the population increase within the City Limits of Texas City, it was anticipated the City may need to redistrict its Commission Districts.  In order to quantify the need as to wether or not the City needed to redistrict, the City Hired Bob Heath from Bickerstaff, Health, Degaldo and Acosta LLP to perform an analysis of the new population census (blocks).  At the May 18, 2022, City Commission meeting, Mr. Heath provided the Commission with the results of the assessment.  The data contained in the assessment confirmed the City needed to redistrict.  As a result of that information, the City Commission directed Mr. Heath to put together a draft redistricting plan for the Commission to consider.

On July 27, 2022, the City Commission held a Workshop to discuss possible new District Commission boundaries.  Based on the information discussed, Mr. Heath put together a draft plan labeled Plan A and presented it to the City Commission on October 5, 2022.  The Commission was in agreement with that plan and subsequently held a Public Hearing on October 19, 2022, regarding the proposed plan.  

Based on the input from the previous meetings and the Public Hearing, the Commission is now ready to take action on the proposed Redistricting Plan A.
It is recommended the City Commission consider the adoption of Redistricting Plan A.

Plan A
Districts 1 - 4