Meeting Date: 11/02/2022  
Purchase of eCivis Software
Submitted For: Titilayo Smith,
Submitted By: Titilayo Smith, Community Development/ Grant Admin
Department: Mayor's Office

Approve the purchase of eCivis software for the management of grants citywide via the OMNIA contract for the 1st year purchase price of $52,705 using Professional Fees account #101-101-53680.  This subscription purchase is based on a 5-year term. 

Years 2-5 are priced as follows:

Year 2 is $30,297.75
Year 3 is $31,812.64
Year 4 is $33,403.27
Year 5 is $35,073.43
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
On 9/27/22, Mayor Johnson centralized the management of all City grants by creating the Grants Administrator position. The City currently receives approximately $55,000,000 in grants from various sources. These grants are allocated to different City departments. The centralization of grants administration will provide guidance and oversight to City departments in managing their post-award grant administration and reporting processes; and processing any donations received by the City. In order to do this effectively and efficiently the Grants Administrator has researched available software that will automate this process, including Govgrants, eCivis, and Amplifund. Based on the City's needs and financial concerns, eCivis was determined to be the best option for purchase. eCivis is a leading grants management system designed for state and local governments and school districts. The software allows the Grants Administrator to search and analyze a comprehensive listing of federal, state, and foundation grant opportunities in addition to oversight.

Moving forward the City should be able to allocate the cost of the subscription to the allowable administration fees for future grants.
It is recommended by the Grants Administrator that the City purchase a subscription for eCivis software for the administration of the City's grants.

Fiscal Impact
Funds Available Y/N: Y
Amount Requested: $52,705
Source of Funds: General Fund
Account #: 101-101-53680
Fiscal Impact:
The software subscription for the first year costs $52,705 and the money is available in the General Fund.  This is a 5-year commitment.  Costs for subsequent years (Year 2 is $30,297.75,Year 3 is $31,812.64, Year 4 is $33,403.27, and Year 5 is $35,073.43)
will be allocated to the City's grants as an allowable administration fee.  Most grants allow 10%-25% of the grant to be used for administrative costs.  The City currently receives approximately $85,000,000 in grants from various sources.