Meeting Date: 11/02/2022  
Adoption of a proposed amended ordinance to the Zoning Ordinance
Submitted For: Veronica Carreon,
Submitted By: Veronica Carreon, Transportation and Planning
Department: Transportation and Planning

Adopt a proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to add two alternate members to the Planning Board and to provide that alternate members will sit and serve when a member is absent.
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
The City Charter Article XIV City Planning Board authorizes the City Commission to establish and maintain a city planning board and a city zoning commission. Ordinance Section 160.105 adopted by the City Commission in 1998 establishes the Zoning Commission, but is silent as to the Planning Board. The Zoning Commission has five members and two alternate members. The Planning Board operates with five members and no alternate members. The recommended amendment will add positions for two alternate members to the Planning Board. The amendment will also provide for alternate members to sit and serve at meetings in the absence of any regular member for both the Zoning Commission and the Planning Board. At present, alternate members sit and serve on the Zoning Commission only when necessary to make a quorum. The quorum is three.
The proposed amendment was considered by the Planning Board at its regular meeting on October 17, 2022. The Planning Board voted without opposition to recommend adoption of the amendment. The proposed amendment is also recommended by staff.

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