Meeting Date: 11/02/2022  
1 year extension of the preliminary rezoning previously granted to Broad Reach Power
Submitted For: Veronica Carreon,
Submitted By: Veronica Carreon, Transportation and Planning
Department: Transportation and Planning

Consider approval of a one-year extension to November 3, 2023 of the preliminary rezoning previously granted to Broad Reach Power to rezone from District "A" (Single Family Residential) to District "F" (Light Industrial). Located at the southwest corner of 6th Avenue North and 34th Street North. 505 34th St. North
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
Texas City ordinances require preliminary zoning approval to be made permanent by applying for a building permit within twelve months from the date of approval.  The Applicant has not yet applied for a building permit due to supply chain issues and extended lead times of up to 52 weeks relating to the large pieces of equipment required for the project.  The project design is approximately 32% complete.  The current project milestone schedule shows construction expected to commence in September 2023. 
The Planning Board considered the request at its regular meeting on October 17, 2022 and voted without opposition to recommend approval of the extension of time as requested.  Upon review, staff recommends approval of the extension of time the preliminary zoning request for twelve additional months until November 3, 2023.

Staff Report
BRP Request for Extension
BRP Site Plan
BRP Aerial Image