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Meeting Date: 01/18/2023  
Name Change Request - Benson Trails S/D (fka Moses Lake Tract) to Sunrise Cove S/D
Submitted For: Kim Golden Submitted By: Veronica Carreon, Transportation and Planning
Department: Transportation and Planning  

Consider and take action on a Name Change Request - Benson Trails S/D (fka Moses Lake Tract) to Sunrise Cove S/D and to apply such name change to previously approved Consent to Annexation into GCMUD #66 and administratively to other prior approvals as deemed appropriate by the Planning Board or Director of Engineering & Planning.
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
Benson Trails Subdivision is a master-planned residential development 55.58 acres in size that will ultimately contain approximately 137 single family detached residential lots. The overall Masterplan for Benson Trails Subdivision was approved City Commission on June 15, 2022, with the working name of Moses Lake Tract. The Planning Board expedited approval of the Preliminary Plat for Benson Trails Subdivision Section 1 at its regular meeting on July 18, 2022. The City Commission consented to annexation of the Benson Trails Subdivision into Galveston County Municipal Utility District No. 66 at its meeting on August 3, 2022. The developer requests a name change because of negative associations with the name "Benson" which could adversely impact marketing of the subdivision. To date, no final plats have been submitted, approved or filed in the public property records.  If the name change is approved, staff will make the necessary administrative references to assist with tracking of the project through the remaining approvals and in the permanent archival records. Notice will also be given to GCMUD 66 of the name change. For this reason, staff have no objection to the name change and recommend approval. 
At its meeting on January 9, 2023 the Planning Board recommended approval of the name change from Benson Trails S/D to Sunrise Cove S/D. To assure a clear public record, the recommendation of the Planning Board for name change is being referred to the City Commission for approval. 

Fiscal Impact
Benson Trails Name Change - Staff Report
Benson Trails Name Change Request Memo

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