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Meeting Date: 01/18/2023  
Amend Resolution Authorizing the City of Texas City (Police Department) to Submit and Administer an Application for Grant/App 4594101.
Submitted For: Titilayo Smith
Submitted By: Titilayo Smith, Community Development/ Grant Admin
Department: Mayor's Office  

Amend Resolution No. 2022-080 authorizing the City of Texas City (Police Department) to submit and administer an application for Grant/App 4594101 (SH-Bullet Resistant Shield Grant Program) to designate Titilayo Smith, Grants Administrator, as the grantee's authorized official.  The authorized official is given the power to apply for, accept, reject, alter or terminate the grant on behalf of the applicant agency.
BACKGROUND (Brief Summary)
On September 7, 2022 the Commission approved Resolution No. 2022-080 designating Assistant Police Chief Jess Colwell as the authorized official on behalf of the City of Texas City giving him the power to apply for, accept, reject, alter, or terminate the grant.  The grant was applied for and awarded on 12/19/22.  Mayor Johnson assigned the duties of the City of Texas City's Grants Administration to Titilayo Smith on 9/27/22.  The transition from individual department administration to centralized administration, out of the Mayor's Office, was to be complete by January 1, 2023.  In order to give Ms. Smith the authority to alter or terminate this grant the original amendment must be amended, and the amendment submitted to the Texas Office of the Governor.
It is the recommendation of the Grants Administrator that the Commission approve this amendment in order to allow for an official transition.

Fiscal Impact

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