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Meeting Date: 01/19/2022  
Submitted For: Dennis J Harris Submitted By: Rhomari Leigh, City Secretary
Department: Recreation and Tourism  

ACTION REQUEST (Brief Summary)
Consider and take action on the approval of purchasing materials and installation of new covered canopies at the Texas City Municipal Shooting Range from ASA Builders, Inc., a member of the Choice Partners Purchasing Cooperative.
Currently the Texas City Municipal Shooting Range has 28 shooting stations for all legal caliber rifles and 23 stations for handguns with covered canopies over these stations. The canopies are over 40+ years and in disrepair. We are recommending replacement of new installed 260’ x 14’ steel galvanized canopies will be installed at 10’ with 6” galvanized purlins, 3” x 3” galvanized posts. This price includes demo and haul off 2470 sq. ft of existing canopy. This work will come with a one-year workmanship warranty, and the sheeting has a 40-year fading warranty from the manufacturer.
A copy of this proposal is attached for your review.
It is recommended that the City authorize the work to be performed by ASA Builders, Inc., a member of the Choice Partners Purchasing Cooperative #17-020CG-02 in the amount of $60,745 that includes all materials, installation, equipment and demolition of existing canopies.

Fiscal Impact
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